Bachelor of Laws – University of New South Wales

Professional experience

Solicitor, 2009-2014

Selected Cases

  • LWB Disability Services South Limited t/as Life Without Barriers v Smith [2021] NSWCA 37– Appeal to the Court of Appeal as to whether a term of a contract of employment can oust an Award
  • Grant v Grant [2020] NSWCA 328– Appeal to the Court of Appeal from estate recovery and family provision proceedings
  • Carpenter & Carpenter [2018] FCCA 2979– Consideration of the Family Law Act 1975
  • Elei & Dodt [2018] FamCAFC 92– Full Court of the Family Court, appeal from interim property application
  • Bhatt & Acharya (Costs) [2017] FamCAFC 71– Full Court of the Family Court
  • Crane v The Mission to Seafarers Newcastle Incorporated [2018] NSWSC 429– Appeal from Local Court – competency challenge to appeal
  • Ellestra Pty Ltd v Farmakis [2018] NSWSC 613– Breach of trust, whether “security bond” intended to become part of the property of the purchaser – whether money held on resulting trust with implied obligation to return the money if purpose failed – whether money received by defendant
  • Ellestra Pty Ltd v Farmakis [2018] NSWSC 665– Costs
  • Concrete Mining Structures Pty Ltd v Cellcrete Australia Pty Ltd (No 3) [2017] FCA 1483– application for Summary Judgment
  • Concrete Mining Structures Pty Ltd v Cellcrete Australia Pty Ltd (No 2) [2016] FCA 360– security for costs
  • Concrete Mining Structures Pty Ltd v Cellcrete Australia Pty Ltd [2015] FCA 888– directors duties, confidential information, constructive trust
  • Vanguard Financial Planners Pty Ltd v Ale [2017] NSWSC 196– preliminary motions regarding legal professional privilege
  • Giliberti v Galluzzo [2017] NSWLEC 1126 – trees, disputes between neighbours
  • Edmonds v Morrissey [2016] NSWSC 342– construction of will
  • Dickins v Southern Cross Care (NSW & ACT) (Retirement Villages) [2016] ACAT 13-statutory interpretation
  • Flanagan v Flanagan [2015] NSWSC 697– possession of land – executors seek order against occupants of estate property – whether arguable defence raised – Defendants subsequently concede possession must be given – whether costs should be payable by Defendants
  • Barrak Corporation Pty Ltd v The Kara Group of Companies Pty Ltd [2014] NSWCA 395– appeal in relation to solicitor’s professional responsibilities
  • Lawrence v Martin [2014] NSWSC 1506– family provision
  • Abu-Mahmoud v Consolidated Lawyers Pty Ltd [2015] NSWSC 547– (as solicitorprofessional negligence
  • Chameleon Mining NL v Murchison Metals Limited [2010] FCA 1129– (as solicitor), constructive trust, directors duties
  • Drayson v Drayson [2011] NSWSC 965– (as solicitor) family provision
  • Buzzle Operations Pty Ltd (In Liq) v Apple Computer Australia Pty Ltd [2010] NSWSC 233– (as solicitor) shadow directors, insolvent trading
  • Alexander v Jansson [2010] NSWCA 176 (as solicitor)- family provision appeal

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