Morton v Kim [2019] NSWCA 273 (08 November 2019) (Basten JA; Payne JA) - 13wentworthselbornechambers
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Morton v Kim [2019] NSWCA 273 (08 November 2019) (Basten JA; Payne JA)


APPEAL AND REVIEW – application for leave to appeal – amount in issue below threshold – whether alleged error more than merely arguable – whether issue of principle or public importance – likely disproportion between the costs of an appeal and amount in issue

GUARANTEE AND INDEMNITY — novation of uncompleted contract for sale of part of land when whole land sold to third party – third party required to indemnify vendor for claims arising “as a result” of the first contract – legal costs incurred by vendor because of his failure to execute deed of novation – whether indemnity covered vendor’s legal costs